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Polaroid Spectra Camera - Full Switch

€169.00 €192.90
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Polaroid Spectra Camera - Full Switch

€169.00 €192.90
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The Polaroid Spectra Full Switch is a wide-format instant camera that’s perfect for anyone who wants a flexible, easy to use format. Spectra is a great camera for shooting parties and events: its powerful flash is good for nighttime shots, while its rectangular format is perfect for capturing group portraits. The Full Switch version gives you more control, with digital readings through the viewfinder to help you compose the perfect photo.

  • works with: Impossible Spectra type film
  • automatic flash (with override)
  • autofocus (with override)
  • self-timer
  • feet or meters distance selector
  • lighten/darken slider
  • fitted with an Impossible film shield to protect photos from light
  • carefully refurbished by hand, may show small signs of wear
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • due to stock availability, the model you receive may differ slightly from the one shown