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Welcome to the Impossible Project Press Page. Here you will find a selection of press coverage, contacts and virtual tours around our factory.
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A mini documentary created by Mercedes-Benz’s ‘The Avant Garde Diaries’. See inside our factory in Enschede and learn about the complex chemistry that makes every real photo unique.

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Another insight into how our film is made, with more footage from Enschede. Also includes footage and information on how our team of experts refurbish original Polaroid cameras.

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Bloomberg TV

Tracks the growth of Impossible, from founding in 2008 to our one millionth film. Also considers the importance of our celebrity fans in making us so popular with 18-25 year olds.

The Guardian

“People want to get their hands dirty and enjoy the experience of print again”


“Photographers are enamored with analog instant cameras because they provide artistic constraints and add a personal touch to images.”


“To celebrate World Photography Day, we join forces with Impossible to chart the pioneers who did Instant like no other …”

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