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Getting started

If you’re new to the world of instant photography, here’s your guide on where to start

Instant photography is more than just cameras and film; it’s a way to celebrate family, friendships, and once-in-a-lifetime moments. When you make a photo with a Polaroid camera, you turn a split-second into something you can have, hold onto, keep and share. You can put it on your wall, in your wallet, at your desk or even on the fridge. You make it real.

Taking a photo with a Polaroid camera and watching it develop in the palm of your hand isn’t just an experience.
It’s magic.

If you’re ready to make real photos, the first thing you’ll need is a Polaroid camera. The Polaroid 600 camera is straightforward and fun to use, and because of its simple point-and-shoot functionality, it’s the perfect camera for anyone starting out with instant photography. Next you’ll need some instant film; with our Impossible film for Polaroid 600 cameras you can start making instant photos in color and black & white straight away. As for what goes in the frame? That’s where you come in.